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Patient Testimonials

In Good Hands with Dr. Khurana

I have been seeing Dr. Khurana at this practice. He is a wonderful doctor and I know I am in good hands. I do not find the wait too long and the staff is wonderful. I have a serious retina problem and I know if anyone can help me it is Dr. Khurana.


Appointment with Dr. Chang

My first exam/procedure with Dr. Chang was great - minimal wait, fast, professional, knowledgeable and he explained everything during the procedure. I opted for a laser treatment to help prevent a potential problem and he did it without scheduling another appointment.


I am Forever Grateful

Every step of the way this medical staff has been courteous, knowledgeable, thorough and respectful--and most importantly SO COMPETENT in addressing a potentially life-changing problem in my eye. I went in to see the ophthamologist in the office upstairs with major concerns about my vision last Tuesday morning and was immediately sent to the retinal vitreous specialists downstairs to see Dr. Khurana. He immediately diagnosed me with a detached retina and scheduled me for surgery with him in the hospital for Thursday--2 days later. From the moment I was put in their care last Tuesday -- through diagnosis, surgery preparation, surgery, post surgery and follow up appointments -- I've felt that I've been working with the best in the field. While I still have much healing to go, I am forever grateful.


Spent Time with Me

The doctors were very good about explaining the situation to me. I appreciate that they are willing to spend however much time a patient needs - I needed immediate attention for a retinal tear and the doctor performed it right away in the office.


I Completely Trust My Doctor

It all started a few years back with a wavy line in my vision. When I read, parts of the text would be missing. Diagnosis? Macular hole. And, over a few years hence, additional openings in the macula. I will be forever FOREVER grateful to Dr. Wieland for saving my vision. Any wait in the office is okay with me, these docs are specialists who are expertly thorough and who's purpose and goal is to maintain and/or restore vision. I completely trust and have faith in my doctor and his staff of great office specialists who KNOW how to arrange and coordinate insurance and any hospital procedure to the nth degree. I am also grateful to Christy for the many times she's coordinated my surgeries and medical equipment. I'm humbled to take my seat and never complain when I realize what gift has been given me. As I stumble through life, I am absolutely blessed to have received the care of Dr. Wieland, Dr. Stern and the office staff. They are all completely capable, compassionate, caring and competent. There's no second guessing necessary here.

-Ms. P